Cemetery in “Grunewald”

Cemetery in “Grunewald”

The capital of Germany, the forest “Grunewald”, in which the cemetery of suicides is located – there are no another cemetery like this in Germany. The cemetery was formed in the 19th century. Primarily, unknown persons were buried here, who were brought by a river flow on the coast of the Havel River. Later, suicides were buried here, who for many different reasons make a decision to die. Forest workers often found drowned or hanged here.

Forest workers say that a large number of maids (pregnant from the owner) decided to die. Often the burial of such women was carried out in nameless graves. Suicides were buried in the cemetery until 1927 inclusive. Then the cemetery was fenced and the gate was built. From that moment, ordinary funerals took place here.

The story of a medical professional, Minna Brown, shocked the German. In the 19th century, she bought morphine in a pharmacy, then came to “Grunewald” and drank it. She was found and taken to the hospital. But the doctors could not do anything. After 14 hours she was put in the coffin. The policeman found a slight blush on the cheeks of the girl and a slightly visible movement of her head. She was not dead. However, she could not enjoy life, as well.

In the year 22 of the last century, she again tried to kill herself, and that time she succeeded. She died at the cemetery in “Grunewald”. Her grave was the most visited grave. In the back of the graveyard is the grave of an unknown person. K. Peffen was buried near her mother Margaret, she was known as Nico (1938-1988). From the image on the memorial, you can see a beautiful woman. She was a model, acted in films, sang – but she was addicted to drugs. In 2018, the churchyard was officially closed.

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